Amber Gifts

Where would you go if you could travel anywhere in time?

Amber Gifts, the first story in The Amber Gifts Series. It all begins with the introduction of Mitchell. He never expected to become a time traveler. He never believed such a thing was possible. After a decades long downward spiral, Mitchell was at the bottom of life’s rungs. Until the stranger handed him a simple, amber vial he expected life to only get worse.

The Man told him to drink it. He did and Mitchell’s life changed drastically, but was it a change for the better? Now he was a time traveler and when asked to help some fresh acquaintances, he gladly agrees. A simple request to just find some items they had left scattered throughout time. How hard could it be?

All they wanted were the artifacts returned to them, but someone wants to stop him. It will take more than luck for Mitchell to find all the items and survive to complete his mission.

It seemed there was no length his adversary would go to bring Mitchell’s travels and his life to an abrupt end.

Amber Gifts
The first novella in The Amber Gifts Series available 
NOW from Champagne Books.


  1. My first review from a Beta Reader:

    "I LOVED that story, it was entertaining, held a good pace, the characters where dimensional and memorable... "

    Thank you Samantha. I'm so glad I didn't kill you off.

  2. I want to thank David Johnson, who looked through my story and helped me get it ready for submission. His help was invaluable and I can't possible thank him enough. I did include the following in the Thanks portion of submission:

    I especially appreciate my unpaid, professional quality editorial proofreader, David Johnson. Thank you, friend.

    1. You're very welcome, Kevin. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Thanks for letting me be a part of your dream.

  3. Amber Gifts has been accepted for publication!!

    Please stand by for more information as it becomes available. This is a very exciting time in my life!!

  4. This just arrived in my email... "I now own the book and I shall never actually be tired of it." Wow! How great is that? Thank you, Phyllis. (endorsement used with permission)