Amber Prelude

Where would you travel,
 if all of time was suddenly laid at your feet?

Amber Prelude, is the second story in The Amber Gifts Series. It continues Mitchell's story by taking us to the very beginning, to the first jump in time he ever made. Wouldn't that make it the first story in the series? With time travel you are never sure. It's all non-linear.

Mitchell didn't really believe the story the Man told him, Just take a sip and speak a year. He whimsically chose a historic event to witness. Little did he know he would become part of that history. Faster than you can say Teithwyr Amser our man Mitchell is chasing a bona fide assassin not only across America but across time.

Amber Prelude will require Mitchell to travel from the America he knows to France and Africa. He will travel to decades and centuries he is unfamiliar with. Mitchell will chase authentic villains and make historic friends, all in an attempt to set history back the way he remembers.

Amber Prelude
A novella in The Amber Gifts Series. 
Available NOW from Champagne Book Group.


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