The Amber Gifts Series

When Mitchell takes his first sip from the amber vial he’s handed, he embarks on the first step along a journey that will send him through time and across the countries of the world, sometimes playing the part of the intrepid adventurer, and other times encountering enemies he never knew he had.

These stories comprise the first ever telling of the history, mythology and lives of the Teithwyr Amser, The Time Travelers.

Where would you go if you could travel anywhere in time? In the first story, Amber Gifts, Mitchell never expected to be a time traveler. When asked to help some fresh acquaintances, he gladly agrees. Just find items they had left scattered throughout time. A simple task made less simple by the man attempting to stop Mitchell the old fashion way, by murdering him. Available NOW from Champagne Books.

In the second, Amber Prelude, Mitchell makes his first voyage as a time traveler. It seemed so simple at first, witness a historical event. All goes as planned until Mitchell finds himself a part of history and he will need to travel three continents and two different centuries to put things right. (Available NOW from Champagne Books)

In the third story, Amber Legacy, Mitchell begins to assemble a life and a family he had never dreamed possible. A simple televised documentary sends Mitchell off to prove the filmmaker wrong, but will the cost be more than his small family can survive? (Available November, 2015)

The stories will continue. Each novella a continuation of the life, the times and the intrigue that follow the Teithwyr Amser as they move through time. Check back often for updates and your chance to read one of the exciting stories in The Amber Gifts Series.

Amber Gifts * Amber Prelude * Amber Legacy
by Kevin B. Henry

The first three novellas in The Amber Gifts Series.