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Amber Gifts is currently available from Champagne Books. I happen to feel that I have been accepted by an extraordinary publishing house with an equally extraordinary collection of authors. I'm very proud to be part of Champagne Books and their Burst subsidiary.

I want to say how much I appreciate my Editor for Amber Gifts, Virginia Nelson. She was extremely patient with an extremely rookie author. Thank you, Virg!

Amber Prelude will be available in May of 2015 with the third story, Amber Legacy coming out in Fall, 2015.


EPIC (Electronically Published Internet Connection)
Champagne Books (My publisher for Amber Gifts, Amber Prelude & Amber Legacy)
Sasquan (2015) ( World Science Fiction Society)
Archon 39 The Archon Convention, St. Louis (See you there!)
Piers Anthony, the one and only. A true pioneer in Fantasy and Science Fiction.


Samantha Lucas, Author & Personal Friend
Cotton E. Davis, Author
J.A. Garland, Author
Holly Hunt, Author
Judy Gil, Author
January Bain, Author

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